About PayDock

PayDock is best described as a ‘Universal Payments Adaptor’, allowing merchants to rapidly and dynamically construct payment systems through a single platform. Today, more than a quarter of businesses work with 3 or more payments partners and, as new payment methods are entering the market rapidly this number is growing and PayDock makes the navigation through the payments jungle easier than ever.

PayDock’s vision is to bring true payments agility to merchants, allowing new focus on what’s best for customers rather than on how to deal with the overheads of integration, management and maintenance of diverse and numerous services. Through a single API the merchant now has access to multiple payment services and gateways and unlocks new capability for their customers such as recurring billing, real time notification, failover options and easy reconciliation.

The mess and pain

Today's status quo restricts merchants - expensive, brittle, limiting and costly.

Get back that lost profit

PayDock provides level 1 PCI-DSS compliant overlays, recurring payments, real-time notifications, independent card storage and fail-over protection via a single API. 

This enables PayDock merchants to rapidly construct, adjust and tune their unique payments ecosystems –  without the mess – to work easily with preferred providers, bolt on services and scale globally.

An agile payment ecosystem

PayDock provides an agile, future proofed payment ecosystem:

  • Centralised customer identity and payment data.
  • No stress about prices, features, new markets or new payment methods.
  • No lock-in to services.

Key benefits

  • Increased revenue, decreased costs.
  • Improved customer experiences.
  • More payment options and methods.
  • New product opportunities.
  • PCI-DSS compliance as a service.
  • Reduced development costs.
  • Reduced transaction costs.
  • Less time between receiving monies and remittance.
  • Streamlined accounts receivable and transaction reconciliation.

Refer www.paydock.com for more information.