To help small coffee shops and eateries efficiently manage counter, seated, take-out, and delivery orders, and organize general business needs, they can take advantage of different Cafe point-of-sale (POS) systems.

Below are the best cafe POS systems based on price, customer service tools, order-taking, and ticket-tracking features:

Square made it on the top choice for cafe POS systems based on the above mentioned criteria. 

Square: Best Cafe POS Software for Small Cafes & Startups

Square is a free POS system that comes with built-in payment processing. It can be customised to deliver your specific needs from a full suite of sales, inventory, and customer management tools on a budget-friendly iPad designed to help any cafe startup or small eatery run efficiently.

What sets it apart from other cafe POS systems is that Square is free to run on one or 100 separate registers, which simply gives cafes the opportunity to set up multiple iPad registers and even ring up orders on a smartphone.

Loyverse: Best Free Cafe POS Software With a Loyalty Program

Loyverse is free cafe POS software with no startup, monthly, or cancellation fees like Square. What makes this a runner up as best cafe POS for businesses is its impressive built-in loyalty program with no add-on costs and the freedom to choose your own payment processor.

To get started with Loyverse, visit its website,  create a free account, then download the app on a tablet or smartphone. They also offer free 14-day trial on their paid extra features.

Lightspeed Restaurant: Best POS for Managing Multiple Cafes

With its featured-packed POS that delivers countless integrations from managing sales, inventory, staffing, orders, delivery, and more, Lightspeed POS is the management tool a cafe or small eatery needs.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS monthly fees starts at $69 per month for one register and go up to $198 per month for up to five registers. After five, you pay an added $37/month per register.

ShopKeep: Best Cafe POS Software for Detailed Inventory

Shopeek offer a full range of raw goods inventory tracking. Its features allow you to tie the usage of each consumable to each sale. With this, you can accurately track and reorder supplies based on its usage and specific sale.

Toast: Best Cafe POS Software for Fast-growing Cafes

Toast is the most expensive cafe POS solution, but this cloud-based POS with built-in payment processing has chock-full of sales, inventory, and management features designed specifically for the foodservice industry, with add-ons like online ordering, kitchen display, and kiosks available.

Lavu: Best Cafe POS for Online Ordering

Lavu’s built-in ordering system has industry standard features such as menu and table layout customization, the ability to split checks and process payments, and inventory monitoring. Just like Toast, it is a cloud-based iPad POS system specifically designed for cafes and restaurants.

What sets it apart from other POS system is its ToGo, Delivery, and Routing integrations which coordinate online orders, pickup orders, and delivery within the same POS platform.

Each Cafe POS was evaluated based on:

Price: Cafe POS systems should be affordable for small businesses; we prioritized systems with low or no monthly fees and minimal hardware and setup costs

Payment processing: We looked at the systems that have built-in payment processing for streamlined operations, and processing fees that make sense for businesses with high-volume sales with low average transactions

Ease of use: Systems should have an intuitive interface that makes it easy to quickly and accurately ring up orders

Menu management: Cafe POS systems should have clear menu listings with prices, pictures, and easy options for modifying orders

Ingredient & inventory tracking: The best cafe POS systems can tie menu recipes to ingredient inventories

Multiple ordering options: We looked at cafe POS systems that support online, mobile, phone-in, takeout, and delivery orders

Customer relationship management (CRM): We looked at systems that include customer directory, loyalty, and marketing features

Reporting & analytics: We examined what kinds of reports each POS provides including sales data and customization options

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