A fun new mobile game, Shake N’ Shop, is the latest loyalty program wherein Australian shoppers can win bonus point offers from brands like Coles, eBay, Target and Liquorland.

Shake N’ Shop users can “catch” deals that fall from the sky in the virtual trolley that moves with the shake of a hand. The game is designed to make the program even more fun and enticing for members.

“The app is a fantastic tool to ensure members never miss out on a flybuys offer,” he said in a statement on Wednesday. “We have a large network of big brand partners who constantly provide new and innovative ways for our members to earn and redeem their points.” said by the CEO of flybuys, John Merakovsky.

According to the General Manager of CatchLIVE, Ayelet (Lulu) Weissman, “We combine gamification with live streaming and amazing prizes,” she told Power Retail. “Start with must-have products at must-buy prices. Add trivia and other games where you can score even better deals. Mix in a vibrant live-chat community. Wrap it all in a high-energy video stream where anything can happen – there’s something happening every day at catchlive.com.au”.

“This has reportedly led to 12,000 consumers tuning into each episode, with the average viewer spending longer on catch.com.au and returning to the site more often than the typical customer. CatchLIVE is designed to deepen customer engagement on the site, to attract our loyal fans and to create new ones. Our audience is more engaged than usual online retail consumers, they stay on the site for extended periods of time and visit more often.” she further explains.

Gamification is another technique to offer retailers personalised loyalty experience to engage customers over a longer period of time, inspiring repeat purchases. Businesses should always improve their customer loyalty program and e-commerce service offers to attract engagement and create new customers.

Source: Power Retail

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