After building up its digital and payments capability,  and making it a foundational layer in its go-to-market strategy and growth, Krispy Kreme chalked up a 23 percent increase in conversions in just one month.

Also, Krispy Kreme has increased its physical retail network by 30 percent in less than a year across Australia, and this year expanded into New Zealand with three stores and a distribution deal with BP into 41 locations across the Tasman.

“We have been developing an occasion-based marketing strategy, but we also recognise the need to remind people of occasions to consume our products,” Schulman explained. “Our e-commerce is more of a catering service, where larger transactions occur, whereas Ubereats is more about people who want donuts now and transact quickly. So each [channel] has slotted in well and there hasn’t been much cannibalisation as a result. We are going true omni-channel for the consumer.”

A key selling point for Krispy Kreme was the built-in security and fraud capability, which took the risk away from its small in-house IT team.

Krispy Kreme knows that it’ll win marketshare and bring people in-store and it’s exciting to partner with organisations do that,” she said. “This is breaking barriers in terms of payment experience across different channels. That can be seen in the way the brand allows customers to order in advance of going to the store, or in-store, or subscribe. That will eventually expand to partners, and open up to other markets. Krispy Kreme is breaking company ground and it’s nice to be part of that journey.”  

Having a consistent payments interface helps Krispy Kreme realise its cross-channel brand ambition. Moreover, their mobile-based payment systems helped speed up the ordering processes via Krispy Kreme’s drive-through offering.

Considering such exciting tools is the best way to improve good customer service. The more convenient, easier and faster the entire transaction and process is, the more likely customers will interact with a business.


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