Let us help you find the best payments provider.

Merchant Pricing Hub is Australia’s first independent website dedicated to helping merchants find the best in-store or online payments service provider for their business.

Do you want to accept card payments online or in-store, or check whether your current service and pricing is the best in market for your requirements? With numerous payments service providers, a myriad of pricing structures and varying levels of features and functionality provided, it is difficult to find all the information you need and even harder making the best decision for your business. Too often business owners just do a Google search or simply stick with their current bank when selecting their payments service provider. Such decisions may mean that you are paying hundreds of dollars more per month than needed. This is where the Merchant Pricing Hub comes in.

Our aim is to provide merchants with a range of tools and resources to help them make the right choice when selecting a merchant service provider for in-store (Point of Sale or POS) or online (Ecommerce) payments.

Merchant Pricing Hub is owned and operated by Payments Consulting Network (ABN: 87 202 769 335) an independent management consulting firm focused on the payments industry.

How does it work?

Sign up to an annual membership, go to the Service Provider Profiles page to select the features and functionality that you need to quickly filter the full list of 40+ service providers down to a shortlist that can meet all of your requirements.

With our easy to use Pricing Calculator you will then be able to compare the pricing structures of these service providers.

If you already have a payment facility, complete our short online survey to generate a Benchmarking Report to help you better understand how you compare with other  merchants of a similar size or in the same industry.

A range of other information and services is also available to both members and non-members:

  • Free newsletter (published quarterly) – information on new products, services, features and pricing offers available in the market, as well as interviews with industry experts. 
  • Offers – special deals offered by service providers to Merchant Pricing Hub users.
  • Partners – information about our partners that offer complementary services.
  • Guides – useful “how to” guides. 
  • News page – articles on new product releases, market research and interviews with industry experts.

What are the Benefits?

By taking up annual membership to access 40+ service provider profiles, the pricing calculator and benchmarking reports:
  • Save time – Instead of taking more than 20 hours to properly research a range of service providers and short list to one or two for a quote, this can now be done in 30 minutes to an hour. We've done all the hard work for you by completing detailed research on each service provider, going through all the relevant pages of their website including operating manuals and support pages, analysing their fee structures, and in many cases speaking to senior executives in each organisation to ensure we clearly understand what they have to offer. We present this information in easy to understand and consistent formats, with search and filter tools to help you make easy comparisons. 
  • Save money – Most people don't have the time investigate all the service provider options available to them and so risk selecting a service provider or plan that could cost them hundreds to thousands of dollars more per year or per month than needed. Our pricing calculator tool also allows you to quickly compare the pricing plans of different service providers and products. You can run the pricing calculator as many times as you want with different assumptions, so you can look at different scenarios (e.g peak months or seasons, start-up phase, growth phase).
  • Be confident that you have made the right decision for your business – We are independent and have filtered through the marketing speak found on many websites to give all the information you need in a consistent and easy to follow format. By giving you the tools and resources to assess and compare all the major service providers in the industry you can be confident that you are making an informed decision that meets the requirements of your business.

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